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 DUST can capture the magic of your memories.

purchase on etsy  https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/1175074638
The majority of glitters are made from plastics which give an artificial look when they reflect light. Diamond Dust is different as it is made from tiny flakes of glass cut in random, irregular shapes meaning they reflect more light from every angle and achieve a unique diamond-like effect. It also has a see though quality to the sparkle so you can still see a little of the photos details.

we can take your colour photo turn it monochrome (please note black and white tend to work the best to make your item pop out of the picture)

** Please be aware this is shards of glass so care must be taken when unpackaging around children.**
**there will be some loss of glass during transit this is normal **
**multiple orders are sent separate to prevent damage during postage**

see your photo  contact us to claim  free gift 





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05 June 2024

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