About us

Weddings can be expensive, right?  

Sell My Wedding started out of a desire to help newlyweds like you sell preloved wedding items to like-minded brides. Because not so long ago, we were those brides, wanting the wedding of our dreams without a hefty price tag and a whole load of waste.

In a consumer-driven industry where you're often made to feel like you need it all (that basket for flip flops you never really needed), Sell My Wedding was launched to give creative brides a pretty platform to sell handmade and preloved items to eco-conscious brides.

When you've put so much time and energy into creating your big day, imagine how happy you'd feel if your centrepieces could be used at weddings for years to come? You'll feel loved and a bit like an eco-warrior, while making a bit of money back in the process (always a bonus 'cos weddings aren't cheap!).  

Since 2011 Sell My Wedding has helped thousands of newlyweds share their wedding items. We've featured in many of the UK’s top wedding blogs and magazines, including Love My Dress and Elle Weddings, as well as the Guardian online and in 2017 we also partnered with Bride Magazine - the UK's leading regional bridal magazine publisher.  

While the online marketplace has grown to include not just preloved wedding items but vintage, sample, handmade and items available for hire, the concept remains simple. Private sellers pay a one-off fee of £15 to list an unlimited amount of wedding items for sale or hire. For wedding businesses, a six-month membership costs £50. There's no individual listing fees, no sales commission and sellers manage and update their own items. Meaning all funds you make from the sale go to you. Sounds good, right? 

Buyers register for a free account enabling them to save items and contact the seller directly. It's that simple!

We get back in touch with all our sellers every six months as a reminder to update any sold listings, while any items still available will once again appear at the top of our marketplace.

We hope you enjoy Sell My Wedding to buy and sell. And remember, you can update your account from a buyer to a seller account after your wedding. 

Need help? If you have any questions visit our Help centre or send an email to team@sellmywedding.co.uk.

Enjoy sharing the love!