Tall vase flower ball table centrepieces x 8, purples and pinks - can ship for 50 pounds.

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8 x tall vases with a mixture of faux silk flowers. Several types of rose, of lilies, plus fressias, dahlias, irises, other smaller flowers and a selection of ivy and other greenery. The colours are pinks, purples, lilacs and creams and a couple in pale lemon. 

Whilst all the arrangements were made from the same selection of flowers, they are all arranged randomly so that they are all different, giving a more natural look.

The calla lilies are foam. If they become deformed/squashed in transit, just apply hot air from a hairdryer, and they pop back into shape. The same is true of the faux silk flowers.

These flowers are amazing, not only is it incredible how real they look, but they are so resilient. If a vase were to fall over, the flowers would be undamaged and likely the vase also because they absorb the shock. None did fall over on the day though, but I have knocked a couple over whilst moving and photographing them.

Each ball of flowers is about 30cm in diameter. The arrangements are about 85cm high, the vases are 60cm. This puts the flowers above the eyeline when people are seated, so that they can see each other across the table.

The flowers are set into large balls of polystyrene, these are covered in 2 layers of green tissue paper that has been coated in PVA glue to make it hard and durable. This means that you can move or replace flowers and the polystyrene does not collapse like oasis foam does.

Each ball has a circular groove cut into it so that it slots onto the top of each vase. The balls and the vases have corresponding numbers on them (not visible when assembled) to make putting them together easy.

Each flower head has a metal stem which is set into the polystyrene ball.  If you wanted to change anything about them, they can be removed and reset. The metal stems can easily be bent so the heads can be angled and moved.

Each ball has a sprig of apple blossom, at the centre of the base, which runs down into the vase. This sprig can be removed if you wanted to put something else in the vases.

I half-filled the vases with Aqua Crystals to give them weight and colour. These are the balls that start as tiny beads and expand when put in water. They don't last for ever so you would have to replace them, but they are very cheap, come in every colour and are widely available on ebay.

For shipping, the flower balls will be removed from the vases. The vases have their own boxes.

You may collect or send your own courier, collection possible from HP2, HP23.

I can honestly say that when we walked into the reception it was stunning. I hadn't set up the room, just delivered the flowers to the venue. Everyone said how impressive the arrangements were, the colours were fantastic. 



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Arrangements are 85cm high, each flower ball is about 30cm across. Vases are 60cm.




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11 August 2023

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low table flower arrangements centrepieces x 8 in purples and pinks,
£249.00 o.n.o.